Stay Small, Stay Safe!

Cornerstone B&B is committed to keeping our guests safe in the wake of Covid-19- that's why our new motto is "Stay Small, Stay Safe"! As a small bed & breakfast, we can personally guarantee that every inch of our building is fully cleaned and sanitized multiple times a day. By staying at smaller accommodations like bed & breakfasts, guests also avoid coming into contact with larger groups of people. At Cornerstone, we are able to properly socially distance. Large hotel chains cannot guarantee the safety and cleanliness that small independently owned lodging can perfect.

The following are some of the measures we are taking at Cornerstone to ensure that we are the safest lodging in Philadelphia:
  • Every guest room has a private bathroom.
  • Every guest room has a hepa air filtration machine that is proven to capture airborne pathogens and clean the air.
  • Every guest room has a bottle of hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes so guests have control over their own health and cleanliness.
  • Breakfast will only be delivered to guest rooms or on our front porch at a specific time to limit social contact.
  • Faceless check-in for all who request it.
  • Daily sanitizations and cleanings of common spaces.
  • Masks & gloves for all employees and staff.
  • Hospital-grade ULV fogger machine with botanical disinfectant. 

We are of course always happy to accommodate any further concerns guests may have. Please let us know if there's any other way we can make your stay as safe, stress-free, and comfortable as possible.

Remember: Stay Small, Stay Safe!